Set and costume design 
December - ongoing
Macbeth @ Outdoor touring
Peter Pan @ Outdoor touring

Illuminate signage @ Birmingham Hippodrome
October 2013

Speech Bubble feedback boards @ Birmingham Hippodrome
August 2013

BE Festival
Visual artist @ AE Harris, Birmingham
April 2013 - July 2013

Set and costume designer
Alice - An Extraordinary Adventure
December 2012 - March 2013

Set and costume designer
Dracula - outdoor touring
December 2013 - March 2013

Set build with Vamos
Finding Joy
December 2012 - January 2013

Designer and Maker with Bone Ensemble
The Caravan Show@mac, 6 Summer Saturdays (Brindley Place) and touring
June- August 2012

The Caravan Show is a playful, participatory performance for family audiences set in a small touring caravan. It offers a unique, collaborative experience to five spectators at a time.

Designer Maker with Small Encounters
Showcasing intimate performances@mac, Birmingham
Lost and Found, Manchester
April-May 2012
Needless Allies 'Bearded Ladies' performed in parasol tent

Designer with Needless Allies
With Project Dandelion
Banquet Performance@Highfields Science Specialist School, Wolverhampton
Jan - April 2012

Designer with Heartbreak Productions
Railway Children - Outdoor touring
Jan - March 2012

Designer with Heartbreak Productions
Much Ado About Nothing - Outdoor touring
Jan - March 2012

Set Designer with Dig Deptford Youth Theatre
Little Foot@The Albany
Jan - March 2012

Designer with mingbeast
Love - 8 Acts of Brutality@Factoria de Fuegos
Sept - Dec 2011
Set and Costume Design with Needless Allies
Terribly Topsy Turvy Tales of Nunnery Woods@Nunnery Woods, Worcester
July - August 2011


Set and Costume Design with Obra
Gaudete - The Abduction and Duplication of Lumb@Au Brana Cultural Centre (France)
Jan - July 2011
Photograph by Linnéa Pettersson                                                                     
Photograph by Linnéa Pettersson

Photograph by Linnéa Pettersson

Photograph by Linnéa Pettersson
Internship with Zandra Rhodes

Working with leading fashion designer Zandra Rhodes was part of the prize from winning Make And Design Uk and was a fantastic experience where I learnt a huge amount - I have since returned to work further on designs for forthcoming production of Salome

MAD Uk 2010

Make And Design Uk competition is renowned for showcasing powerful and arresting designs which build off the body and push the boundaries of sculptural costume design whilst coming to life during performance.

The theme for 2010 was Indomitable Nature. In response to this I designed and made The Mighty Weed!

It was a fantastic and creative day with lots of great costumes, singers and street performers and a big procession through Coventry city centre to the shopping centre  where the competition took place.

I was very proud to win the competition, judged by Mad Uk patron and leading fashion designer Zandra Rhodes and I look forward to gaining work experience in her Studio, which was part of the prize.

Jerico performed fantastically and really brought the costume to life and added lots of humour - Thank you!

TOAST (Ruby Films production for BBC)

Summer 2010 I worked as Art Department Trainee on the TV adaptation of Nigel Slater's book, 'Toast'.  


Summer 2010 I worked on the collaboration between Punchdrunk and the ENO for the new production of 'The Duchess of Malfi'
The promenade performance was based in a disused office building, that was formerly a drug company, in Royal Albert Docks. All of the vast space was used and the audience were free to explore and get their own individual experience of the performance.
The collaboration was groundbreaking and high risk for both companies and it was great to be a part of this project.


In 2010 I worked with traditional canal boat painters: John Sanderson, Chris and Phil Speight.
Within the first day I was masked up grinding steel - there was a large amount of preparation to do before the job of painting.


I worked with Perry Scenic on the construction of Kanye West's gold set, for his European tour.

2009 I designed and made sculptures for Download Festival, in collaboration with Live Nation


Work Experience at the Crescent Theatre with designer, David Crisp

Short animation based on Malcolm Pryce's 'Aberystwyth Mon Amour'

YouTube Video